Silly Despite Thought
Hi. I'm Sravya, 19, med student. This seems to have unintentionally become a Benedict Cumberbatch shrine. Apologies :p


thanks joffrey

I like to feel his eyes on me when I look away.

I have this dreams, you know, that… I’m standing on a platform, and… you keep going by on a train, and… you go by, and you go by, and you go by, and I wake up with the fucking sweats, you know?

And then I have this other dream, oh… where you’re… pregnant, in bed, beside me, naked, and I want so badly to touch you but you tell me not to, and then you look away. And… and I… I… I touch you anyway, right on your ankle, and your skin is so soft, and I wake up in sobs, all right?

  • person: so do you watch any tv shows?
  • me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation
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